About Me

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Hi there! I'm Bhaskar Neupane, a seasoned full-stack software developer specializing in Python for robust backend and automation solutions. I complement my Python skills with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart to craft user-friendly software experiences. My journey has also seen me venture into GoLang, Java, C, and C# to explore diverse design patterns and create unique experiences, leveraging platforms like Unity and Arduino.

Recently, I began a new learning journey by enrolling in the Computer Engineering Technology program at Seneca College. This has allowed me to expand my understanding beyond just software. Additionally, I'm diving into the exciting world of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, aiming to grasp the fundamental concepts and create modern systems. Let's connect and explore the endless possibilities in the ever-evolving landscape of software and technology!

I love to capture memories, it helps to break pattern and helps me stay creative and have a fresh mind. I have few images that I have captured in my instagram.

Here are few Technologies I've worked with:

Picture of Bhaskar Neupane